Approach to Counselling

Approach to Counselling:

Located in Kelowna, BC, Core Level Healing Therapy provides counselling services for adults wanting to heal trauma that has resulted in emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, PTSD, anger, grief, and negative core beliefs using EMDR therapy.

Iceberg Model

The counselling approach that Core Level Healing Therapy uses is the analogy of the iceberg model.

At the very core, way below the surface (which we may not even be consciously aware of) lie our core wounds. These core wounds may be the result of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing or being in a traumatic event, the death of a loved one, the divorce of our parents, or injustice – often experiences we may have endured when we were young.

As a result of our core wounds, we begin to hold negative beliefs about ourselves such as: “I am not lovable”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy”, and “I am not safe”. These negative beliefs then lead to feelings of shame, low self-worth, and a negative self-identity.

Just below the water’s surface are anger, resentment, and fear.  These become defense mechanisms that we use to deal with emotional pain, such as shame, fear or sadness.

Self-defeating behaviours are unhealthy expressions of anger, resentment, and fear (passive, aggressive, or passive aggressive behaviours). These behaviours are some of the reasons why people decide to come to counselling and may include:  addictions, depression, anxiety, aggression, violence, arguing, shutting down, withdrawal, exaggerating, lying, etc.

I believe that these are just surface issues and through EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and other counselling modalities , we can go deeper to heal the core wounds at a subconscious level.

Healing Through Forgiveness, Self-Love, and Self-Acceptance

Once we become aware of our core wounds, we can begin to heal them. This begins with forgiveness of self and those responsible for inflicting our core wounds upon us in the first place.

Counselling can help you learn to challenge your negative beliefs, recognizing that a belief is just a thought –  and a thought can be changed! We will work through this together using EMDR and CBT. The goal is to change your FALSE negative beliefs such as “I am unlovable” to TRUE positive beliefs such as “I am loveable”.

I will help you discover healthy feelings of self-worth and acceptance of yourself. Once you have self-acceptance, which is the ability to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what flaws and traits exist, your life will change for the better! Negative self-defeating behaviours will be replaced with positive behaviours such as assertiveness, a balanced lifestyle, healthy lifestyle choices, mindfulness, healthy relationships, etc.

Are you ready to take this inner journey to self-acceptance and self-love?  I will be right here with you, supporting you each step of the way.

“One must love oneself enough to heal oneself” ~Rabbi Gabriel Cousens~